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Trying a more “natural” alternative

We left off last week, I had to take my child off the prescription drug due to severe side effects. Having read the introduction to the prescription medicine over and over again, We started getting concerned. Did we really want to put these kind of chemicals into our otherwise healthy and developing child? We decided to try a new way and started a more ‘natural’ over-the-counter alternative. Started during summer break so it could build up in his system. It seemed to work just fine in the beginning. But over time let off, melt downs were getting more and focus didn’t last through a complete school day.

Well, we thought,but it was already better than other lab Chemicals in his system.So we tried another over-the-counter product, this time recommended by an adult with ADHD, who swears by it.

Here are the problems with ‘all-natural’ OTC products: A.dosage: most dosages are for adults B.research data: there’s not enough research data on them,which is why they are not recommended for developing children C.’all natural’: you may have noticed the way I express ‘all natural’.I had a very interesting and informative conversation with a friend who is a research scientist for the Ohio State University.Now exctracting a specific ingredient from a natural source is a complicated process and can not yet be done as exact and exclusive,if this makes sense as a summary.

Each OTC product had been tried over an amount of 6 to 12 months.Both with the same concern, after a certain time frame of seemingly success, it let off. Back to the pediatrician we went. And found treatments and available products have made a change to a more positive, healthier direction.

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