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Last weeks of school

As if the break in routines wasn’t enough

There was plenty of added drama to the last few days of school. Wiffle ball and competition was added, at first only kids that played on baseball or softball teams were allowed to play. Then it was changed into a tournament with team picking and ended up being so competitive that BFF’s starting bullying each other. Field Day, water activities and autism while being an approach to teach autistic kids coping skills, it would be great to actually give them a few coping options to use first and not just drop them in it and expect elementary students to come up with their own coping skills. Interesting was though that I found a lot more autistic kids at our school and I seemed to have a 99% correct rate on picking the signs out before knowing their diagnosis. It renders me wondering as I do see a higher and higher rate of young boys being diagnosed with autism. While seeing a variety of possible causes for autism for our son, I am also hoping it is more of a generation problem and will start regressing in numbers again.

Well, long story short we had our fair share from coming home and heading straight to the bathroom and getting sick and completely withdrawing and rocking in dark for hours to no sleep at night, due to feeling pressured, which caused me to call him in sick the very last day. I ended up letting him get some rest and then did a last day celebration of our own. Pressure reasons included pizza and ice cream party, not great choices or really options on a gluten and casein free diet, to teachers approaching a ten year old in teams of two or three (that would be intimidating enough for a healthy ‘child’)…



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