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Observations about the influence of Music – Classical in specific

From infancy on I have observed the effect of music on my child. He loves music, all kinds of it.

Rock music, he can recognize songs and bands just by the starting riff.

Both Rock and Country music, if he likes a song, he only has to hear it once to memorize the lyrics. But he will play his favorite song over and over.

Classical Music – This has become a real tool to us and helps me influence situations, reactions and focus in him. I had emailed his homeroom teacher about the use of classical music and it came in super handy just one day later. He realized in school that he forgot to brush his teeth that morning and a major melt down started. Usually it is really tough to get him back to a functioning balance and if you do he will be sort of unstable for the rest of the day. By unstable I mean, easily get off track, lack of focus, emotions running up and down as in a roller coaster, and he cries at the drop of a pin.


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