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First Diagnosis ADHD


Going from our pediatrician visit and evaluation to what happened next:

So I left off where we were at the pediatricians office and the doctor diagnosed our son with ADHD. We talked about treatment options. And decided to try our first prescription with ‘Concerta’ or at that point a generic form of it. It takes a while for the medication to build up in the patients system,similar to anxiety medications such as ‘Zoloft’. Fairly quick the teachers thought to see results. Easy, right? Not at all, over time we started getting faced with the side effects. Emotional imbalance,lack to loss of appetite,hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. It didn’t help we also experienced a couple of losses of family members during an already grey winter season. So, our son starting coming down with whatever attacks weak immune systems in a school of elementary students. He started losing weight. Having been always borderline in development for anything, it started reaching the point that even the pediatrician worried. They told us that if he would lose more weight, they would have to look into it. Options of having him administered to work out his nutritional issues, side effects and make sure he wouldn’t reach a dangerous point in weight loss. We agreed of adding Carnation Instant Breakfast to his diet. I went to school for lunch and brought in whatever food I could get into him, and still had to bargain and beg on how many bites he had to take. Also, FDA decided to ban generics and the name brand with our health plan cost us in the generous area of $150-180. Worth it if it works, after all he’s our only child. Besides the nutritional side effects he started asking to sleep in bed with us and build real anxiety issues. He never slept in our bed before (early Infancy travel bed right next to ours, then crib in his room, followed by twin size bed in his room ). A phase – we thought. Though he started crying for no reason and out of the blue more and more often. Come summer break I was going  to take him off the ‘Concerta’ give his body a couple months break to detox and start trying another more ‘natural’ over-the-counter product ‘Confianza’. I had heard about it through a couple of other Mom’s who were using it for the sons of similar age and build as mine. Well, that’s where our story will continue next …

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