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Find a lot of Gluten-Free Foods near by

Did You Know … ?


Kroger has a large and growing gluten free product line of their own. Some places it is in the Organic section, others it is mixed in with the other products (keep your eyes open for frozen, gluten free waffles – gluten free animal crackers – gf soy sauce – …)      Even Gluten Free Birthday Cakes are available! Birthday Cakes, NOT a mix to make yourself. What?! Yes, and most of those items run by their “Simple Truth” branding.

Kroger Update: Went to my local store (Hilliard, Cemetery Road) and found 2/3 of the products were not to be found in store and needed special ordered. here’s what I will do, no deadline yet, but will update you on progress. I am adding to my to do list contacting Kroger Central Offices in Cincinnati and requesting a list of all their Kroger Brand gluten-free and lactose/casein free items. then will work with them to get some essentials into our local stores and hopefully with their permission publish in my Link/Resources Section a copy of their product list. So Special Orders can be made if you are looking for something.

Another awesome chain local is …

“Fresh Thyme Farmers Market” most if not even all brands from the show, which are available in larger stores, are carried at “Fresh Thyme”. The pricing seems reasonable, not fancy organic store prices but still, as we all know, gluten free living is not cheap.

Target stores carry some of the Canyon Bakehouse gluten free products (press brand name to be redirected to their website and see their product line and available coupons) Three of our family favorites from this brand are both their bagels, plain and everything, that taste like actual bagels! And, of course, their Brownie Bites.

More products and reviews to follow…



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