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The Beginnings … School /Kindergarten

Only Child comes with advantages …Or are they?

Since Kindergarten I volunteered in my child’s school, which has given me the advantage to observe, learn and hopefully will be part of what may help us through this.

We were very fortunate to have an awesome first year Kindergarten teacher with a family history of teaching. And all the passion to embrace the feelings of accomplishment one can receive from teaching young minds and the bright, sunshiny smiles glowing on their faces when they finally succeed in challenges. I observed her as very creative, knowledgeable and progressing with children who face challenges. one thing that impressed me, how she would re-direct little, fidgety Kindergarteners to help them focus and give them the ability to learn. She would give them a pencil to fidget and reward them with praise and acknowledgement for any success they’d make in focus and sitting more or less still and sharing what they have soaked up in their lessons of learning.

Our Kindergarten teacher was also backed up by a very strong and experienced principal, who would mentor her.

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