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4th Grade

This last school year has been the most difficult so far! Yes, we started on an IEP, but who would have known?!?!?! So, our son had assistance in school. We did and tried it all, the staff was seemingly very supportive and understanding. Here’s a small window of the tools and techniques tried: designated iPad to help time himself when using the sensory room and report what he did there, standing desk, special chair and seating options, weighted pencil, group and one on one work, tool bags (including noise cancelling headphones, sunglasses, a ball cap, a fidget and a bandana or tube scarf), task lists to check off, timer, classical music, outpatient counseling, change of diet, …

This is just a glimpse of things we tried. The worst and most concerning, emotionally and mental straining was the end of this school year. Field trips, including one to the Symphony Orchestra. From being a Chaperone on the trip before, I knew what to expect some and prepared his ‘tool bag’ and met a day before with my son and the teacher. My son has not known to us misused his tools so far. So, the bus – I knew it was going to be loud and possibly smell like Diesel. The theater and the city, from past visits to the city we knew the ticking of the traffic light crossings bother him, honking, people yelling, fuel and cigarette smells, it is a bustle the way it is, then going into the theater playing a recorder with the orchestra and a whole grade (some more and some less musical talented) of kids surrounding him with recorders while trying to play his own, a highschool drumming group coming inside an enclosed building, and back on the bus. He was quite brave all day but bottled it all up. Coming home he didn’t say a word, seemed to be on the verge of crying and somewhat very timid. He went straight to his bedroom, climbed into a sleeping bag on the floor, all blinds closed, noise cancelling headphones on and crying, for about 3 hours. I finally convinced him to take a bite or two of dinner. Back in the pitch dark room he went. (He usually uses a Himalayan Salt Lamp as a night light, as the darkness kind of scares him still – not this time) on his bed he sat, headphones back on and rocking his body forth and back for hours. Finally his weighted and lavender filled stuffed animal and the exhaustion had him pass out. In between I callled a psychological hotline to find out what to do. Not very helpful… to say the least.

More in our next post …

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