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Current update or How to prioritize with several diagnosis

After homeschooling throughout the summer and  working with temporary tools for sensory issues, we finished our assessment for autism.

Results, if you are accustomed with the subject, you may already be aware of the fact that very high functioning forms of autism such as Asperger’s have been removed from the Spectrum.

Our outcome, was autism behavior, severe generalized anxiety and ADD. Now that does basically say that he shows a lot of autism behavioral signs but not enough to be considered for the Spectrum. Which does not necessarily mean you are financially on your own. I had heard a lot of opinions about the local Nationwide Children’s Hospital and their Behavioral and Mental Health Department, most of them were not thrilled. We tried to keep an open mind and go with their proposals, after all we had to start somewhere. This was well worth it!

We were recommended to a Psychiatrist and a Psychology Research Program in the field of anxiety in children. We got in and with great success. Now we are following a program from Australia with work book and Psychologist support.

As to our personal experience, this has been a god send! My husband is finally on board and explained that before the counseling places would take our son in a room for an hour and we waited, no one ever conferred with us as the parents. Opposing this, at Children’s we go in as a family, not required but very much recommended and appreciated. They have gone above and beyond. Including coming to see our son at his dog agility training, on their own time. An idea that came to us once a psychological support person mentioned a Service dog as a late option for our sons anxiety. And plans to see one of his big projects at school.

Now you might say, the page is called adhd-autism, what does this have to do with any of this. Well, here it is. His autism behavior may be an issue, but how can we work and expect him to focus on working on anything else as long as he lives in a constant fear? Friends recommended to place him into specific schools, the thought is tempting and may seem like an immediate fix. But taking him away from the children and teacher he is already familiar with (good or bad) and ‘protecting him from dealing with every day social aspects’  is not going to help him on the long run. It is fundamental that he learns coping skills and develops personal strength before other problem areas can be addressed.

To be continued soon …

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