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Counseling, Insurance and new/old symptoms

Continued personal story…

So, last I shared we seemed to be on the right track. Outpatient counseling started and here it comes our insurance has such a high deductible per person, before we could depend on their help it’d cost us ($300-400 a month) out of pocket for about 6 months. Where was I going to get that from? My child is already on discounted lunch program, my husband works 12 hour shifts and I am caring for a grandparent, who is a stroke patient and memory didn’t come fully back… So, I explained to their finance office and counselor. His Counselor works in another job full time with autistic and behavioral challenged children.  The one thing that seemed to help us live a less stress full life was not available to us. Counselor proposed to me, after two sessions, to see the pediatrician and ask to have him referred for Sensory Disorder and Autism Spectrum. So, I did make an appointment with our pediatrician and explained the purpose for the appointment. On the day of appointment another pediatrician, unknown to us, came in first and explained she was going to make a first interview and then we’d be seeing our regular pediatrician. So we did. Turns out the first doctor used to work on an assessment panel for Autism Spectrum and both doctors agreed that it would be most effective for us to be referred.

Here’s where it gets interesting …

It may be awhile before I am ready to share this experience as we are currently still going through a long laid out process.

But I will share how I am preparing and things I am observing in my child meanwhile. With new tips and tools.

Know this, our physicians recommended to keep our child off any personality altering medications until this process has come to its full circle.

I am feeling the stress …


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