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Columbus Gluten-Free Allergy Festival 2017

First Visit – lots of new and fun friends


We learned a lot of interesting, new information and met so many people, who share the same problems we know.

It’s a great place to go for both occasions, no matter if you just got diagnosed or if you have been on the gluten free diet for a while now.

We collected and tasted a lot of great samples and reading materials, including magazines on all gluten free, celiacs, allergies and more. I found some great ideas for lunch and on the go snacks. Contacts to small and big production companies, where to get , what to look for, coupons and a brand new app, free so far, will be charging for soon.

The App can be found as well at the Google Playstore as the Apple App Store. The app is called “Now Find Gluten Free”  , it is categorized in 6 Categories A. Browse By … ‘Product’ , ‘Brand’, ‘Category’ and B. View My … ‘Promotions’ (coupons),  ‘Likes’ (You can give products you liked a thumbs up or down, so in future if you are not sure you’ll have a record), ‘List’ (you can add the products to your grocery shopping list right in the app, and sort by store) They do not recommend restaurants.

Check it out, it’s worth it.

Some of the samples we got to try were:

Gluten Free pizza crusts – they often add herbs to the dough, such as oregano or Italian herbs

Gluten and Dairy Free Ice cream – “Coconut Bliss” (IT IS A BLISS !!! My husband does NOT like coconut, he indulged in this) and “Fronana”, an ice cream

naturally based on Banana. (Delicious! Only the taste of Banana comes through in every flavor.)

Gluten Free Soft Pretzels- I never thought I’d get to eat them again. Oh, what a delight it was!

And so much more…




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