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Change to IEP and Outpatient Counseling

Having made some helpful experiences and learned new techniques and a different view through Summer Counseling Camp we had a new direction. Before the new School Year started, I decided to eMail the School psychologist and the new principal to ask for a meeting. Explained observations and turns of experiences, gathered some research paperwork and honestly was frustrated about reviewing our past. My number one point was that my son had been participating in one or another Intervention ever since Kindergarten and I felt we hadn’t gotten anywhere much. I demanded to have him re-assessed by the school for Occupational and Speech Pathology Reason. We ended up changing him from a 504 Plan for his ADHD/ADD diagnosis to an IEP which specifies the kind of help, tools, etc. he needs and is to be provided with in school. O Started of with approx. 10 hours a week of Intervention (one-on-one and small group) to now (~ 4-5 hours daily) The psychologist and counselor all told me how nice it was working with my son, how he was willing to try new things and different approaches)

Well, I decided to mention the problems and frustrations I saw with him. Timelines and breaking them down in sections, no progress in organizational area and of course complains I received from school teachers in the same areas. He participated in two month of added small group Anxiety counseling in school and I went went on to out-patient counseling from there.

We felt we were finally on the right way and things were going fairly smooth…

Until …

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