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Celebrating the progress and the being original

More Ups than Downs

So this Summer has been an eventful and successful one so far, and I am exhilarated to share with you. After the things we learned and that urged our frustrations, I decided to leave it all behind and give it a fresh start.

So, we have been working on learning to write cursive (developing a writing flow, building a speed and encouraging a personal script), strengthen our basic math roots (bought a workbook at teacher supply store and repeating second and third grade multiplication and division), and reading along with an audio book. My first worries about reading along an audio book were, he may take the easy way out and just listen. Educators and librarians alike tried to soothes that worry in me by saying “Even if this is the case and he takes the easy way out, he will still be confronted with a large vocabulary and following a story line.” Yes, but what about his reading? I thought to myself. The first day I sat him down without an audio book, but a book he picked and was really interested in. It has always been a bit of an “is this book appropriate for him? Is it too easy or too hard? Will he get frustrated or bored with it?” So, her he sits, not wanting to read, after all it’s summer break. I saw the mystery in him as well as Hume trying to please me and the frustration not possibly being able to accomplish this.

The next day, I decided, what do I have to lose, a lot of kids do not do any of this over their summer break. We decided to give it a shot. Went to the library, picked “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” with the matching audio book and started off. Yes, it was still more a Mom’s making me read, but we enjoyed it together, laughed and giggled. This is when my relieve sank in. “Mom, it doesn’t say ‘he whispered…’ anywhere.” Let’s look at it together. Oh, cartoon inserts, “look at the character in the picture. Does it look like he wants everyone to hear what he says?” – “No, he’s holding his hand in front of his mouth… Oh, now I get it! ‘He whispered'”

Boom, he’s following the words and realizes if they are not written there black on white. He’s also learning about interpretation.


So recently our school book bus came by, they are loaded with books that have been donated or sorted out of the school library in the district. Kids get to chose one or more books to take home and keep. We usually donate them back the next month or year. He keeps quite well care of his books. He found 8 books this time, awesome choices with no influence of mine. Catching up with teachers and counselor volunteering and other parents, while he chose. Some of these books are thin paper back chapter books. Who cares, he can read more, as long as he reads. Right?!

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