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Back to the pediatrician and other sources

After trying different alternatives to prescription medications and also adding other sources and techniques. We were headed back to the pediatrician with a knot in the stomach. Did we really have to go back to a prescribed chemical solution?

I mentioned to the pediatrician a few other things we had tried to add other than medication.

Tai Chi was a short term help for Focus. So, We signed our son up for Aikido. the hopes and goals were to support physical activity, raised oxygen intake, body awareness, self-discipline and nurture self-esteem. Martial arts is a wonderful source, but often times concerns are expressed about adding a source of violent techniques to already existent frustration. Aikido, is a form of martial arts that focuses on self-defense as opposed to initiation. The place we found, click here , has very well versed instructors. Their main youth instructor is a Montessori teacher by main profession and currently they have children with ADHD as well as children on the spectrum training with them.

Another source are animals, horse riding & shelter volunteering are great opportunities to help a child overcome some difficulties in unpredictable but positive ways. Specific programs may even be able to quite accurately achieve a goal you set. Though if you are talking about children on the autism spectrum, animals are a difficult issue. I discovered our son as well as other children from all levels on the spectrum have difficulties to no interest in bonding with an animal. Our son tolerates our dog, the dog is very protective of him, but our child’s interest in the dog is minimal to none.


Since I volunteer twice a week in my sons school I also found out about Summer Counseling Programs, provided through the ADAMH in a collaboration of local schools and an outpatient Counseling Organization. I found out late and camps fill up in a blink of an eye. So, I decided for a camp focused on general Anxiety issues. Very successful. It gave my son the opportunity to realize that he wasn’t alone with his worries and not so different to other children. He learned to pin point what kind of worries and feelings he could feel where and how to cope with some of those. In fact, it gave us a specific relaxation exercise that we are using on a regular basis for bed time.

Rounding back to the pediatricians visit, by this time there have been new alternatives such as a prescription diet and others entered their array of treatment options. We will think about it and review our best way of action …



(A full version of the Relaxation Exercise mentioned above will be added in a post of itself on Thursday)


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