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My name is Kat, I am the 40 year old mother to a 9 year old. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD when he was in 1st Grade. I couldn’t believe it, ‘yes he’s an only child and has a short attention span. But I will prove you wrong, by taking the test you requested.’ I thought to myself. Well, turns out we were actually tougher in our judgements of our child than the teachers were in the Vanderbilt report forms provided by our pediatrician. (I will provide a link on my source page, for those of you just starting to research and figuring where to start.)
Long Story short, picking him up a little early for our pediatrics appointment, I had never seen my child like this. And I volunteered almost on a daily basis until around 12:30noon in his school. He was literally climbing the walls. This is where our battle began, side effects with medications, weight loss (to the point of the threat of IV feeding), anxiety, panic attacks, allergic reactions, growing suspicion of high functioning autism, IEP, counselors… Not to mention trying to keep the little guy smiling and genuinely happy and watching how things got harder rather than easier …
Sound familiar?!


On this blog I plan to share experiences, anecdotes, sources, ideas, recipes and much much more
I’d like to have this as a parent-2-parent platform.
Let’s share our ideas and thoughts. Whether you are just getting started with your research or you ran into hurdles and out of ideas on what to try or are looking for a source or solution. I would like to help you by sharing my experience, to help make it a little smoother for you and your families and hopeful instill some positive outlook and attitude regarding this subject.

Thanks for following and I appreciate your feedback! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. (See contact page)